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Keane on Travel..... Hello

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Sarah Keane. The concept of ‘Keane on Travel’ was developed over a few too many limoncello in Kenny’s bar, Lahinch when I was out for our annual Christmas drinks with the girls on the 23rd December 2017. I initially laughed at the prospect of setting up a blog about travel. You see, I have never been known for my writing ability. If you don’t believe me, just read my first published article below (Credit: Kilnaboy Youth Club; 2002).

I’d like to believe that I have come a long way since 2002 and have managed to learn a few more synonyms for the word “enjoy”. Hopefully in 2018, I will master my writing skills. But even if it is still abysmal, I will be able to look back and use my blogs to remember every aspect of this once in a life time trip. (Ironically, this paragraph took far too long to compose, not a good start!)

For the next 6 months, my boyfriend (of Insta) Ciarán and I are leaving everything behind to go backpacking throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Like most people, we didn’t win the lotto and a good deal of hard work and sacrifice have been made in order to do this, therefore, we want to savour every moment of this journey.

We have both left our careers, with no certainty of return. Packed up all of our belonging from our first home together to take on this adventure. Originally, people, in particular our parents thought we were senseless. We should be settling down to buy a house and get married. For us at this moment in time, it isn’t a priority. We want to travel, see the world and make memories together. Our adventure will bring us to the following countries (at a minimum): • Argentina • Chile • Bolivia • Peru • Ecuador • Thailand • Cambodia • Vietnam • Laos • New Zealand • Australia

For the blogs, my aim is to develop content around the activities we participate in, the accommodation we stay in, and general “good to know” travel tips. This expedition took months of planning and excessive levels of undue stress so I don’t want all of our hard work to be in vain and not be able to share it with our friends and family.

I am generally an open book so I plan on being completely honest, discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have always been known to get myself into exceptional circumstances, so I make the promise here and now, to share all of the horrendously embarrassing moments I go through during my travels. ENJOY! Keane on Travel XXX

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